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Video Production

If you want to target over 40 single dads who love action films, fitness and long walks on the beach, we want to know. If you don’t know, we want to help you figure it out, narrow it down, and focus. That is how we spend advertising dollars intelligently.

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Content Creation

Barten Media creates digital marketing content by taking into account a number of factors: What mediums and channels do we want to utilize and why? Have we adequately and accurately captured the essence of our customers?  Is the brand messaging clear, consistent, and ‘on message’?

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Our strategy at Barten Media is to harness a few simple ideas to create results which exponentially increase customer awareness of your brand, offerings, purpose, and company history through both long and short-form advertisements through digital content creation of unique, innovative and storytelling production of video and audio curated to target your specific market and end user. 

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We Are…


We understand that. Barten Media will create a marketing plan with the realization that you want to influence, interact, engage, and grow a community of potential customers.


Barten Media has a team of people who have experience and expertise in creating a laser-focus when determining who, how, where, what, and when to spend your marketing dollars.


Our team of digital marketing experts will take into account any number of variables before producing content for your delivery. We thrive on collaboration.


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