About Us

Barten Media is a family-owned and operated, local, specialized digital marketing company based out of Point Pleasant, New Jersey. In addition to being a family-owned and operated business, Co-managing Member Andrew Barten is also a Marine Corps combat veteran and active member of the local community. Andrew & Raven are proud to provide other local business owners, managers, and brand ambassadors a media company rooted in the local community, with professional, experienced staff and a focus on providing marketing material that is passionate, authentic, and on-site. Cookie Cutter? No thank you.

Why Barten Media?​

Why Were We Created?

Barten Media was founded to fill a void in the marketplace. Digital content marketing has grown into an industry of behemoths who have lost the personal touch, fit, and feel of the local, main street, blue collar small business owner OR local firms who want to capture value through outsourcing all of their tasks and creating automated cookie cutter designs and concepts they hope to apply generically to every and any business, brand, or organization who may consider hiring them.

Why Choose Us?

We know what it takes to stand out and how to harness the power of the social media platforms. We take a guerilla marketing approach to the traditional marketing concept without compromising quality or results. The world is changing at a rapid rate. No one wants to pay the high dollar television and radio ad fees when you can accomplish a lot more, with a lot less utilizing the power of professional social media content creation, coupled with actively managed ad spend.

Creating Local, Focused, Customized Digital Marketing Content

Barten Media was created as Andrew & Raven Barten, a couple with shared entrepreneurial dreams, realized their respective companies needed marketing that matched the digital era. Recognizing content creation and multimedia marketing is the future of continued success for their ventures, they researched a tremendous amount of marketing options to no avail. Acknowledging the void in the marketing space, Andrew & Raven began to discuss the idea of a ‘new’ media company. A media company founded in helping local businesses and brands find the focus of their advertising and marketing strategies and customizing their strategy to reflect their brand image, reputation and culture. 


The Mission of Barten Media is to create authentic digital marketing content for local businesses and brands anchored in deliverable, quantifiable metrics.
Contributing to revenue through focused demographic use, on-site professional, experienced staff and content customized to match the entity culture and public image.


The Vision of Barten Media is a world where local businesses and brands think about branding, content, and marketing as an authentic, story-telling journey.
Creating a symbiotic relationship through physical and virtual community interaction of honest, entertaining, informational communication between an organization and its consumers.

Our Team