How Work Ethic Benefits a Local Business

The local business work ethic is truly something to be admired. When you walk into a family-owned business, you are given their full attention while knowing their only goal is to make sure you leave their establishment satisfied with a smile on your face. When you enter a small business, you are seen as a human being. Where a big chain corporation, sees you as a dollar sign to the manager’s next bonus or the shareholders ever-increasing, bustling portfolio. This dynamic is palatable in the way you feel as a customer when you walk into a corporation. It is generic looking and, for the most part, resembles every other store front they operate, no matter where in the country it is located. 

While scale has many advantages, often you are met with sub-par customer service due to the fact that the staff are underpaid and less passionate about what they are doing. You come to the realization that they could care less whether you are satisfied because they don’t have a vested interest in your experience and feel undervalued within the organization. 

When you go to a local business, they take pride in what they do. The aim is to not only to provide you with the product or service you seek, but ensure you are treated with respect and dignity as a highly-valued customer. BartenMEDIA is built on that same kind of local business mindset and work ethic. We don’t just put out the best product we possibly can, we ensure your involvement in the process is an enjoyable one. 

Soliciting feedback, engaging with you and your team every step of the way; this is how successful campaigns are built. Digital Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all service. Successful implementation requires testing, feedback, re-valuation, observation, and critical analysis.  As the business owner your feedback is valuable. Your insights are likely the same pillars that have made your business successful. These ideas are the building blocks of successfully created content, social media presence, websites, advertisements and marketing plans.


There are many factors that cause customers to either continue to use your products and services or find a different company to do business with. One factor is whether your product or service is up valuable. Does your offering return an investment for what the business spends? Ultimately this comes down to, “Is your product or service worth more than the price?” This is value. Value is a two-sided coin; does your service make the entrepreneur’s life easier and does it provide an adequate return on investment? Marketing should help your firm determine the price for your product or service. It should set your business apart from others because it clearly explains to customers why your product or service is more valuable than the alternatives. 

The price of a cup of coffee varies from $1.75 to $6 per cup.  The coffee is the same, the marketing is different. As a small business your largest opportunity to set yourself apart is through digital marketing. Grow a deeper relationship with people you want to provide your offering to. Having a good work ethic is being able to sell your business on value, humanity, connection, passion, and authenticity. Do it through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Show your customers who you are. Small businesses thrive on person-to-person relationships.

This is how small businesses stand out from big corporations. This is why small business continues to exist and continues to be successful. Customers flock to mom-and-pop owned establishments because of the connection they make with the owners and employees. At BartenMEDIA, we respect that. Our business is built on those person-to-person relationships. This is why people do business with our firm. This is why our digital marketing agency exists. Small business owners helping small business owners.

Let’s use a local family owned deli as a case study. The owner constantly stresses the importance of customer service. They understand that the main thing keeping customers coming back to their business and staying away from the chain stores was the relationships built between customers and staff. People come in and team members know them by name. They listen to them talk about their day. Many customers don’t even have to order because the team there already knows what they want. Employees and customers alike know a lot about each other. Their families, their goals, their hobbies. Some regulars even bring gifts for the staff around the holidays. 

Personal connections are huge when trying to compete with nationwide industries. Those are the connections that stick out in a customer’s mind when they are trying to decide where to spend their money and who to do business with. We bring that customer service experience with us and use it while doing business with our customers.

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