Community Involvement is Critical for Local Businesses

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The Natives in Our Community

Growing up at the Jersey Shore is an experience like no other. Some people relate us to the cast of the popular TV show, Jersey Shore, but unless you grow up as a local member of the shore towns that make up “The Great Jersey Shore” then you don’t know what you are missing. Our close knit and local area is made up of the year-round locals, whether they chose to retire here or are currently raising their families here, the short term tourists, or what true natives call them “Bennies”, but most importantly, the small local business owners that make these shore towns so well known. These native business owners are the foundation to a healthy community involvement.

You Can Always Be Active

Being an active member of the community as a local business owner adds a valuable aspect to your character and shows the good worth ethic you demonstrate. It does not always take a natural disaster, such as this 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic that we are currently experiencing, to be involved in your community. The best leaders are the ones who show community involvement year round, even when they are not getting something in return.

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Being active throughout your community is not difficult to do and sometimes you can simply do it from your home. While most people are quick to say otherwise, people of all ages are constantly on their phones, tablets, computers. We are learning during this current crisis that we depend on technology more than we thought by work from somewhere that is not a traditional office. This is the time to be the most active you have ever been through social media to show your community involvement, even simply through a screen.

Take Advantage of Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a perfect place to begin your community involvement. Being able to get your name out there, especially at a time where everyone is online, is the first step. Facebook in 2020 has more than 2.45 billion monthly active users. The monthly users on Facebook make up almost 30% of the world’s population. This which instantly is a huge demographic you can market to just by simply being a user of Facebook yourself.

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While this platform has a variety of avenues to go down, when it comes to connecting with people nationwide, this is it. Facebook was originally intended for the soul purpose of making new connections like future college roommate, colleagues, etc.. There are a multitude of ways to promote your business by utilizing your personal profile, connecting with similar people or creating your own community group to bring similar people together.

Starting a Facebook Community Group

When you begin creating a community group, you must consider what you want the goals to be. For example, if you are a local restaurant, consider starting with “foodies” or or other restaurant owners to your group. By creating this, you are forming a platform for people to connect when they need it. Where you can share news in the industry, updates on your restaurant, ask for advice or help for one another.

Facebook groups can be for businesses that have a specific niche or a generalized group like Facebook Marketplace. For example, a Coronavirus Workshop to share news and policies/guidelines that need to be followed within your community.

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Volunteer in Your Community Where You Can

Another way to be a part in community involvement is to participate in local events. Whether it’s helping at local fundraisers to support a cause or showing up at community fairs or activities for one of your loyal customers. Physically being out in your community is a great way to network while putting a familiar face to name. This allows you to form relationships and connections with current or future customers within the community.

Having good connections and being active in your community is a way to form close bonds and have a lifeline when in need. When a local restaurant runs out a Bud Light on a busy Friday night but you met, and made a connection with, another local bar owner at a beer festival over the weekend and they are willing to loan you a few cases to get you through a pinch. Being able to connect with similar people in your community and show your customers that business owners work together to help everyone succeed is a quick and valuable way to get your business name out there and let people see who they are buy their products or services from.

The variety of online platforms

Through Your Online Platforms

An even easier way to be involved in your community is simply by being consistent online. Engaging on your favorite restaurant, you go to retail store for a last minute outfit, asking for marketing advice from a local social media agency like BartenMEDIA, helps those businesses be seen by people they may never reach in their preliminary demographics.

A lot of businesses don’t think about how much of a chain reaction a simple share on social media can enhance the visibility of your product or service. Lets for example start with our restaurant owners community group online we mentioned before. Those local business owners post a new promotion they are doing and ask you to share it on your page. Not only did you just post to your 6,000 followers, but 50 people shared it and posted on their Instagram. That just went from 6,000 people seeing it, to over triple that with the click of one button.

Let People in Your Community Put a Face to Your Efforts

Being involved in your community as a business owner automatically opens up your customer reach by simply showing up. Showing that you care about the customers you are serving at your restaurant, the people you are helping promote their new business, the people you are buying your the new baby furniture for. All of them want to remember the local business owners that made an impact on them and know their name. Put yourself out there because in the end, People sell people.

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