How Filmmaking Impacts Our Everyday Lives

filmmaking during a pandemic

Impact of Film During a Pandemic

Filmmaking is something that has a huge impact in our current society and it impacts you more often than you realize. With this pandemic forcing everyone to isolate themselves from society, we have had to alter the way we act in our everyday lives. People have had to stop going to work and haven’t seen their friends and family for weeks. This can be a very miserable time, if we allow it to. There are a lot of reasons to feel sorrow right now, but we can’t live like that.

We can look at all the positive aspects of having to isolate ourselves. You now have all the free time in the world, with an opportunity to do the things you never had time for before. Learn to play the guitar, clean out your overstuffed closet, and even finish that book you started reading. After you complete all of these things, join me, watching hours of films, movies, and documentaries to help get through this quarantine. Films you have seen a thousand times, films that are in your top five favorite of all time, films you always wanted to see but never got around to, you can watch them all now.

importance of filmmaking in marketing

How is Filmmaking Important to Marketing?

This is the power of videography, film, and television, and why video content creation is so important to marketing. When people are at their loneliest, most bored, wanting to boost their mood with a classic comedy, they turn to film. They rely on the art of filmmaking to keep them company and brighten their spirits.

how we engage with films on television

Watching films and television shows is an activity that we all engage with, and do for many different purposes. To pass the time, to relax, or in today’s climate to stay informed. Watching a movie because everyone has been talking about it. We want to see what all the hype is. Watching films & videos to feel emotion. Drama to feel sorrow for the character, root for them to get over their obstacles. Horror to see all the scenarios we wish the characters would have done differently. Comedy to laugh at the jokes or chuckle at the ridiculous situations characters face.

how we form connections to characters in films

How Cinematography Forms A Humanistic Connection With Us

We connect with fictional characters that we have never met or seen before. Cinematography releases this beguiling aspect of humanity. Our emotional connection, our empathy, and our sympathy is powerful. Characters going through a plot cause us to draw parallels. We feel for them and hope for the best. Film is one of the few outlets where one piece of art can impact such a large audience. It is what makes film so popular it resonates with people of all different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences.

Film can be used to tell a story, but it can also be used in business. The best marketers in the world understand the importance of telling a story. Small businesses sell the products and services by telling their story to customers. How they got started, why they got started, what they’re passionate about, and how they found success. Storytelling and community involvement helps sell small businesses. 

filmmaking and videography impacts to small business owners

Take Advantage of Filmmaking & Videography

As a small business owner, filmmaking and videography is an excellent marketing tool. Look no further than television ads, social media influencers, or the popularity of YouTube. Videography is a golden opportunity to reach not only a large group of people, but also reach your particular demographic of customers and clients. If your business is not reaching its true potential, videography can be the answer. Everybody likes to watch videos.

It is the fastest growing segment in social media marketing and digital marketing in general. It creates a stage, not only for your product, but yourself too. People don’t buy products or services, they buy people. Being able to express yourself through digital marketing platforms is a way to intimately introduce yourself to future customers or potential clients. This is a big deal because your audience is able to see what experience they can expect when doing business with you.

filmmaking and videography are impactful on marketing

In conclusion, filmmaking and videography is the perfect platform in which to display you and your product to an interested, engaged audience. Overtime with consistent messaging, authenticity and passion, this audience could evolve into future customers and clients. Everyone watches films and television shows for many different reasons. These people are watching for a specific purpose. The audience engaging with your content wants to connect with you. The same way they connect with the characters in a movie, they will react the same way to a well designed digital media video. The same way the writer structures a plot, and the way the director tells the story, is the same way you, as a small business owner, tell your story. Express yourself to your audience,  they want to connect on a personal level.

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