Normalcy After the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020

Students during a previously normal school day

When Will We Go Back to Normal?

Normalcy is something we are all looking forward to after this pandemic. With so much uncertainty, people are going crazy what the new “normal” is going to look like. Is it going to be the same as before? Are we going to have to constantly taking precautions and social distancing when walk our front door? Is a five minute trip to the grocery store to pick up toilet paper going to turn into a week long mission? These are all questions that so many Americans are asking about themselves but a majority of these individuals are also on the other end of the line wondering “How are we going to get our business back to normal?”

How Do We Get Our Businesses Back?

A lot of business owners have been suffering trying to make ends meet or trying to find every opportunity just to keep their doors open. Restaurants providing takeout specials with a limited staff, retail stores taking inventory to sell their items online for curbside pickup, coming up with new ways to socially distance while getting your hair and nails done or more intense cleaning methods to let people work out and maintain a a healthy workout schedule. But with all the time spent worrying about how to stay open now, business owners need to look forward and start investing time into how they are going to reach the normalcy they had before this COVID-19 Pandemic.

The path back to normalcy

How We Can Help Achieve This

BartenMEDIA is stemmed from helping small business owners, like ourselves, to create a name for themselves in the local community. We focus on local, focused and customized digital marketing for our clients to ensure that our clients’ target audience continues coming back for more product, or services, as well as form a personal connection with one another. Our goal is for our clients to have a good standing relationship with us as well as pass that trend on to them and their customers.

BartenMEDIA makes sure that all our content creation is fresh and organic to distinguish them from all the other generic content that large companies create. We want our businesses to get as close to normalcy as we can when this unexpected pandemic hit.

Post Pandemic Differences for Businesses

Businesses are looking at a long road ahead of them for their livelihood to reach normalcy again. Moving forward past the guidelines and precautionary measures businesses need to consider what is the new normal going to be. A lot of people currently are unaware of what businesses are alive and which are struggling to survive through this. Business owners that are struggling to let people know “hey we are still here” need to take advantage of advertising and work on their social media presence.

Now is a time that everyone is on social media whether they want to be or not. They spend hours a day scrolling through the different platforms in a loop trying to find something new or look for a different place to try other than their normal few restaurants they always order from. This is where the struggling businesses have their opportunity. If you target pretty much anyone who is going nuts during this quarantine, and trust me that is a large target audience alone, to offer something new, something different, something to do, they will be more likely to jump on the bandwagon and show some support to your business.

Small businesses moving past the pandemic

Lets Get Back to Normal

By working within your community and finding time yourself, or outsourcing to a company like BartenMEDIA, to engage with customers, see what people are looking for and creating a product or service that is high in demand you can help your business get back to normal even within the guidelines that the government is requiring small business owners to abide by. It is all in the eye of the beholder and being able to satisfy your customers needs can help go a long way in the future, whatever that may hold. Let us help your business get back to full normalcy after this pandemic ends.

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