Our strategy at Barten Media is to harness a few simple ideas to create results which exponentially increase customer awareness of your brand, offerings, purpose, and company history through both long and short-form advertisements through digital content creation of unique, innovative and storytelling production of video and audio curated to target your specific market and end user.

What is Strategy?

"Strategy (noun): a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim."


What are Tactics? ​

"Tactics (noun): an action or actions carefully planned to create a specific end."

Our tactics for delivering you, your firm, organization, brand, business or entity the results described above are threefold:


Barten Media is local. We cater to small firms and businesses, hence you are local too. We understand that. Barten Media will create a marketing plan with the realization that you want to influence, interact, engage, and grow a community of potential customers. We want to grow your fans, followers, engagement locally, where your customers are.


Barten Media has a team of people who have experience and expertise in creating a laser-focus when determining who, how, where, what, and when to spend your marketing dollars. We like to be selective. While there is a time and place to go broad and simply to try to raise awareness,

Barten Media prefers to carefully identify who your ideal customer is and build an advertising campaign exploiting the powerful demographic, sociographic and psychographic attribute tools the modern data-driven era allows. If your business is primarily for women, we will focus our efforts on women. If your business requires homeowners, we will market specifically to homeowners.


Barten Media creates all of its digital marketing content fresh. Just like the best bakeries, we realize you want your content hot, fresh, and just out of the oven. Our teams will take into account your specific business, branding, culture, situation, and location prior to creating any content. Our team of digital marketing experts will take into account any number of variables before producing content for your delivery. We thrive on collaborative and communicative partnerships. We want your feedback, we want your vision and your input to make sure the digital content we create is exactly what you want.

We may have made a bakery reference, but we aren’t baking any cookies and we don’t own any cookie cutters. We like our gingerbread men to look like gingerbread men, but we want our content to look like you!