Video Marketing is a Powerful Tool for Businesses

the introduction to the power of video

Why Video Marketing is Powerful

As small business owners, operators, and managers we are all looking for the same goals; we want to grow our brand, keep our business noticed, and stay in front of the next big thing. There are many ways to accomplish this. However, the power of video presence amongst your client and customers is vital, and an integral part of growing your business. Keeping your company on the forefront when it comes time for decision making.

There are many ways in today’s day and age to keep yourself out there. The original sales calls, cold calls, door to door visits, and highway billboards still exist. All of these can play an active role to get your message to your customers. However, in an era where the average person spends at least 3 hours a day on his/her phone or tablet browsing social media pages, the Internet has offered us a new gateway to our customers and the time for digital marketing is now.

videography can send a powerful message to your customers

Using the Power of Video on Social Media

Outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube and brand websites have allowed us exponential growth and presence, especially through the use of creating video content. The power of video; people selling people, people building relationships with people, and people creating memorable moments are captured in video marketing.

There is something to be said for the ease of selling to our customers through video. They are not required to read a lengthy post, or scroll through your lists or directories you hope set you apart from the next guy. Instead you are offering them an easier way to digest this information, often in under a minute’s time.  Videos are easily displayed and easily viewed leaving a lasting impression on your customer. Video marketing is a form of expression. Emotion and raw footage of a business focusing on products offered, services provided, and the “feel” behind the company help customers feel engaged and familiar. 

social media plays a major role in distributing video marketing

Video leaves your customer with a permanent message and image of your brand. The power of video leads directly to sales. Over 70% of people who watch a video make a purchase. CLICK> SOLD! That’s an amazing ROI through video. 

The use of video marketing is easily added to emails, it can be pinned, posted, and linked to any and all social accounts and creates a clear and concise message to your customer in just seconds. It’s important to remember, video marketing does not need to be perfect, but it needs to be authentic and send a message to your customers.


It’s all about content. You want your video to draw in your customer, cultivate a relationship with that customer, and spark a long lasting connection between the two of you. Build a video. A video that stands out, tells a story, and attracts more views. The power of video starts with a marketing strategy integrating an engaging video in your campaign that will build brand recognition, customer awareness of your product and integrity in your brand. Video marketing has the ability to build trust with your customers, not only in your brand and services but in you as a business owner.

Creating a video of you and your brand to a potential client is one individual building trust with another. That is business at its best. Trust and authenticity is the reason customers continue to utilize the brands, products, and services they know and love.

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