Video Production

How does Barten Media decide what to make, how to use it and where to air the digital marketing content we discussed?

We start by asking questions. Questions to better understand who you are (as a person or a brand) and who your ideal target market is. Again we like to be precise. If you want to target over 40 single dads who love action films, fitness and long walks on the beach, we want to know. If you don’t know, we want to help you figure it out, narrow it down, and focus. That is how we spend advertising dollars intelligently.

Production. Yes, Actual, physical production.

Creating and capturing video, audio, and images is paramount to creating a marketing strategy that delivers content your consumers want to watch, interact, and engage with.

We will consider location, visual hooks, talent, timetables, collaboration, staffing, lighting, plot, storyline and so much more when creating your digital content. Barten Media will provide a talented, experienced, and professional staff to ensure your content is authentic and unique to you, your brand, and your image.


Barten Media will execute and implement your digital marketing content in a manner that best optimizes your reach and exposure. Part of our strategy is to create and produce digital content that is able to be manipulated, clipped, and edited to be used in a variety of mediums. Just like economics Barten Media likes to look at the family picture (macro) and zoom in on one particular person (micro) to implement our content on a variety of platforms and in a variety of concepts.

This philosophy ensures a constant, consistent stream of cohesive content with value in mind.