What’s Unique About Barten Media

Showing how standing out is unique

One Word: Unique

            Barten Media is unique for many different reasons. For one, it is a small business that was created in order to help other small businesses. When doing business with a new client or firm, we understand what it is like to be your own boss. We know how fulfilling it is, but we also know how difficult it can be. Our staff understands the struggles you have gone through to get to where you are are. We can relate to your situations, good and bad. We want to hear your story and help you tell it to your clients and customers. Barten Media wants you to shine on the screen so that the people that use your product or services can understand you as we do. 

Ocean Ice Palace

By Small Business Owners, For Small Business Owners

            Barten Media is also unique because of its founders. They were, and still are, small business owners before creating Barten Media. Raven Barten runs the Ocean Ice Palace, which has been a local hot spot for those who love to ice skate and play hockey. The Ice Palace is a staple in the Brick, New Jersey community and has been around for as long as I can remember. I remember going there when I was younger and trying to learn how to skate. I also remember going to watch my friends and peers compete in hockey games during high school.

Barten Bros

Andy Barten also runs another small business. He founded Barten Brothers, a local junk removal and demolition company. Over the years this small business he founded has evolved into the premiere junk removal company for the south central New Jersey area. Both Raven and Andy are successful local business owners and their goal with Barten Media is to help elevate other local businesses and make them unique to their customer base. 

The Unique Small Business Experience

            The founders are not the only ones who are familiar with small businesses. I myself have worked for multiple local businesses near the Jersey Shore. My first job was working for a landscaping company run by only a father and his son. I also worked for a mom and pop deli that is run by a family consisting of the father, mother and their two sons.

Darby, our Paid Ads Manager, also works for a local restaurant in Manasquan. As Barten Media employees who have worked for small, local businesses pretty much our whole lives, we understand the mindset of both the owners and the workers. We know how unique and important human to human contact is in order for a small business to flourish and grow. We also want to do everything in our power to assist local businesses stand out from the crowd and help their owners be as successful as possible doing what they love.    

How We Make You Unique

            The Barten Media team is small, but efficient. I, the videographer and editor, am in charge of filming the business and then editing that footage to be as entertaining, unique and informative as possible. Then, I send the final cut over to Darby and she posts it over multiple social media platforms to a target audience. Doing this will put you and your business on the screen for a multitude of possible future customers and clients to see. We have been doing this for Andy and Raven’s other businesses and the amount of followers on these social media platforms continues to grow.

We also post follower interaction videos where we ask them to comment below to keep them involved and excited for the next post. I believe our social media presence keeps gaining traction because our followers can see that we are passionate about our work. Our team will do the best within our ability to do the same for you business as well. We want to show your followers who you really are and what makes you unique. In doing so, your social media page will gain more followers and your business will continue to grow with more people seeing your ads.

Our Experience is For Your Benefit

Barten Media is a unique digital marketing company for many different reasons. We are a local small business created and designed to help other local small businesses. It’s founders are local business owners of their own. The Ocean Ice Palace has been around for decades and is a staple in it’s community. Barten Bros has only been around for a couple years, but has grown immensely and is now the go-to junk removal company for anyone in the south central New Jersey area. So the founders know what it is like to run a small business. They will be able to relate to you being your own boss and give insight for whatever concerns or obstacles you run into.

The Barten Media team has been working for small businesses for most of their adult lives. The employees understand the importance of human to human contact for local businesses. They will work tirelessly to put you and your business on the screen in a way that the audience can connect with you and see your passion.   

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