How Videography is a Vastly Growing Industry

Most people you meet have at least one or more social media platforms that they scroll through on a daily basis. This makes these mediums, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter very advantageous for small businesses to reach a wide variety of clients and customers. With an efficient source to reach your target audience, what can you do to get their attention and engage them in your services and products? One way that has proven very successful for a plethora of small businesses is videography. It allows customers and clientele a peak, not only the services a business offers, but also the type of people they are, the company culture they cultivate, and how they view their relationships with customers and employees alike. 


Videography is a great way to show that a business is more than a product or a building, it allows the founder(s) and employees to introduce themselves in an intimate, and expressive way. Providing the firm, and specifically the marketers an opportunity to apply imagination and creativity to reach people that are in need of a specific service, product, or commodity. A business owner who chooses to use videography to get the attention of potential clients opens the door to a multitude of different ways to show what kind of a person they are, their values, why they are involved in their field, and their pride and passion of their mission and vision. This is advantageous because it allows future clients to see what type of person they are working with and what to expect when doing business with them. 


Personality is paramount when using videography for digital marketing or social media marketing. It allows the audience familiarity with the firm and individuals of the firm. This alleviates any potential for awkwardness when the customer and the business meet for the first time. Videography is an intimate way to reach out to a target audience. It adds a layer of personalization and emotion that cannot be achieved simply by visiting a website, or reading about the services you offer.


This is not to say that other modes of advertising and marketing are not important. A strong, well-structured website is extremely important. People like to read and text is still the number #1 method of identification within most algorithms, hence this blog, BatenMEDIA believes you need to have a complete and holistic approach to marketing in order to compete successfully. Yet, having a real human to human connection that is most easily portrayed using videography, provides rocket fuel to your marketing and advertising campaigns when applied properly. People want to experience passion and ambition. Use videography to shine a light on what makes your firm and your people stand out from the crowd. Allow your audience to see the real you and see that you are a person, just like them. 


When designing your videos use the various social media platforms to express yourself in different ways. This will allow you to reach an array of different clientele. For instance, you can use Facebook to reach an older, and more mature audience. For your Facebook videos, you can be more direct and to the point about what your business can offer. You can use Instagram and Twitter to reach the younger audience. For those videos you can be more nonsensical and play up your character to capture the younger crowd’s attention. These distinctions are another facet of videography in social media marketing that makes it a beneficial tool. 


Often these subtle differences can be captured in the same film roll and simply edited to meet the specific goals to generate awareness and capture an audience’s attention. Video allows people to tweak and adapt their messages in different ways that, arguably, most people cannot do with words as easily. Video marketing is a platform that allows the business owners and employees to express their creativity and lets their artistic imagination be the focal point of reaching clients.

Anyone can stand in front of a camera and just read back something they wrote down about how their services can benefit their customers. So in order to really captivate your audience, you have to let the right side of your brain loose and have the creative ideas flow. The more creative your videos are, the more success you will have in fascinating your viewers and keep coming back to your page and your website. 


Videos have the ability to leave a bigger impact on your viewers in a couple of seconds, more than a couple sentences ever could. Well made videos will leave a lasting impression on your audience, your business, and brand. These impressions will stay in their mind and lead to you happy customers and a growing business. 

In conclusion, videography is an advantageous tool when it comes to social media marketing. It allows you, and your employees creative expression through a medium that can reach a variety of demographics. Video allows you to be more familiar with your clients before even meeting them. It shows your audience that they will be able to connect with you on a human to human basis, and that you have similar goals and ambitions as they do. Videography is a platform that emphasizes connection, which is the most important aspect of local business and community engagement.

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